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Scientific Support

Report Interlaboratory Validation Lipophilic Toxins by LCMSMS EURLMB

Report Interlaboratory validation Lipophilic toxins by LCMSMS EURLMB - Download document (PDF, 45Kb)

Technical Issues and Pitfalls

Determination of saxitoxin group (PSP) toxins by Mouse Bioassay - Download document (PDF, 73 Kb)

Procedure for detection of Lipophilic toxins by Mouse Bioassay - Download document (PDF, 74 Kb)

Procedure for determination of Lipophilic marine biotoxins in molluscs by LC-MS/MS - Download document (PDF, 166 Kb)

Applying AOAC 2005.06 for PSP toxins official control. - Download document (PDF, 109 Kb)

EULRMB-Biological Methods-Validation Protocol.


Validation Protocol for PSP and Lipophilic Toxins

Descargar documento (PDF, 156 Kb)

PSP-Hydrolysis study-2007.


Report on the study on the determination of PSP toxins in shellfish including GTX6 after hydrolysis (AOAC Official Method 2005.06)

Descargar documento (PDF, 276 Kb)

Report on the CRLMB 2009 Proficiency Testing Scheme on saxitoxin group (PSP) toxins determination

Descargar documento (PDF, 276 Kb)