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Public Prices and Fees

The performance of sample analysis services or other activities performedby the Community Reference Laboratory on Marine Biotoxines (EURLMB),and the provision of intercomparison exercises, may be subject to public prices or fees.

According to Act 8/1989, passed on 13th April 1989, on Public Prices and Fees:

- Public prices shall be considered payments made for the provision of services or for activities carried out under public law when, the said services or activities are also provided by the private sector, they are voluntary requested by relevant party.

- Fees are payments whose taxable event consists in the private use or special use of public property, services or activities under public law relating to, that affect or benefit the taxpayer in a particular way when services or activities are not requested or received voluntarily by taxpayers or are not provided or performed by the private sector

Public Prices

Order SAS/3397/2009, issued on 4th December 2009,establishing the public prices for activities of the Spanish Food Safety and Nutrition Agency provides the application of public prices for analysis of samples using different laboratory techniques as well as the participation of foreign entities other than the national reference laboratories of the European Union in Intercomparison Exercises to determine marine biotoxins.

To apply for the above services in the Community Reference Laboratory on Marine Biotoxines (EURLMB), applicants must firstly contact the said laboratory ( ).


Act 17/2011, passed in Spain on 5th July 2011,on Food Safety and Nutrition, establishes the fees for sample analysis services, when the Spanish Food Safety and Nutrition Agency acts as the reference laboratory within the official control framework.

To have these sample analysis services performed bythe European Union Reference Laboratory for Marine Biotoxins,applicants should contact the said laboratory(